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IRENA has moved to Switzerland years ago. Primarily self-taught, later graduate of the Lesley University USA, "Art and Consciousness" . A member of the International Assosiation of Art UNESCO. Various exhibitions in different countries. Art-works at museums and private collections (Jean M.Tinguely Switzerland, Japan, China, England, Afrika, Canada, USA, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Albania). Participated in work-shops in Europe & USA: theatrical expression of primary emotions; writing for your life; introduction in expressive art methods in therapy & pedagogics; butoh- & expressive dance; experimental theatre performance; living in the process; female mystic - male mystic etc.; continuing studies in applied philosophy & psychology. 2008 certificate of IEK-Berlin as Art/Creativity Therapist. In 1998 her studio burnt down, therein appr. 300 paintings, numerous drawings, several art objects. Lots of her art have not been documented - the process of artistic development can be partially viewed in ARCHIVE. Ian Willmott, London School of Printing & Publishing: "your paintings are lyrical like poems in oil."& Patricia W. Cobb, Lesley College, USA: "Irena is an expressionist painter of great power. Her art generates from the very core of her being..."